What our students say?

The product-based training Aakash Sir took was the only thing lacking so that we can move on our right paths. Competitive Coding is such an important aspect if we want to move forward in the CS/IT domain. It's like, Sir filled the last piece of the puzzle. I knew Data Structures, but never really used them effectively to optimize my code.
So, from how to choose a specific Data Structure to solve any problem to how to apply Algorithms to optimize it, he taught us almost everything. One of the best teachers and mentors we could have found.
Thank you sir for your guidance.

Himanjli Jain

Placed as a Software Engineer at Optum
DIT University, Dehradun

The training Aakash Verma sir gave us was very well structured. It focused on the key aspects of developing the right skills for competitive coding that are required to crack exams by IT companies. Not just that, it helped me get through my interview process as well because he taught me the root elements of competitive coding and how exactly I must use my knowledge of data structures and algorithms. It helped me to be able to write optimized codes in my interviews and explain the thought process behind it. I wasn't sure how to go about with competitive coding before Aakash sir's training but now all of it is crystal clear to me.

Vanshika Sachan

Placed as a Specialist Programmer at Infosys
PSIT, Kanpur

"A great trainer is half work done" Aakash sir used some unique ways of teaching and that made all the difference. He told us to develop a logic, code it, optimize it, and then again optimize it. I remember attending his first class thinking he is yet another trainer with boring way of teachings, but I was amazed how well he structured the whole course. He gives ample amount of time on topics that are relevant for the core understanding of coding. During lectures he often asks interview questions randomly that made us aware and everytime we made a program we questioned ourselves of the same questions. How can I optimize? What are the other ways to approach this problem? He was always there for solving my queries and I wish I attended his lectures in my early engineering years.

Md. Khalid Zaheer

Placed as a Specialist Programmer at Infosys
PSIT Kanpur