Pricing Policy

At Innoskrit, we have customized our pricing according to the services offered by us. The details are provided to you beforehand according to the package and number of students to be trained.

Schedule of Payment

We raise the invoice on every last day of the month.

Pricing Model

At Innoskrit, we are committed to offering you the best possible prices. Our pricing may vary from college to college. Also, the pricing differs as per the mode of execution of the classes i.e Online or Offline.

Note: Our Online pricing is 50% waived off of Offline pricing.

Let’s understand how our pricing works:

  1. We consider 60 students as one batch. If there are 60+ students in the batch then, that will be considered as 2 batches.
  2. Our pricing is calculated as per the number of batches.
  3. We have two prices: Quoted Price and Final Price
    • Quoted Price: The quoted price is 10% TDS inclusive.
    • Final Price: The final price is 10% TDS exclusive.
  4. The price that will be quoted, will be for one batch per hour.
  5. For example, if we have quoted INR 1111/-, then the 1111/- amount is for 60 students i.e one batch per hour.
  6. We will train a minimum of two batches as one combined batch i.e 120 students. Hence, the amount for one batch per hour will be multiplied by 2 i.e INR 2222/-.
  7. If you give us more than 2 batches as one combined batch for an hour, we will give you a discount of 20% for subsequent batches.
  8. For example, our quoted price is INR 1111/-, and you have given us 3 batches i.e 180 students for an hour. Therefore, the pricing for one hour will be calculated as follows:
    • 1st Batch: 1111/-
    • 2nd Batch: 1111/-
    • 3rd Batch: 20% off on 1111/-
    • Hence the total price per hour will be 1111/- + 1111/- + 20% off on 1111/-.

Note: INR 1111/- is not our original price. This is just used as an example.