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Aakash sir is a great trainer who always comes out with innovative ideas and illustrations to explain the topics. With his help, I have acquired a good understanding of DSA and improved my problem-solving skills. Besides the technical knowledge, I also have learned a life lesson from him - "Do not just sit and wait for the opportunities to come, instead create them". Thank you sir for being an inspiration and thank you Innoskrit.

Smriti Jain

"A great teacher teaches from the heart" and this is what Aakash Sir does. His style of teaching is very unique. The way he breaks down the problems you'd be surprised how simpler the problem has become. Because of him, my problem-solving skills have improved a lot. His enthusiasm for teaching and the connection he has with the students is amazing. He is like a friend who is always there to help us no matter what. He has taught us that every failure that we face is a step towards success. Thank you Innoskrit and Aakash sir for your ultimate guidance and support.

Isha Bhatia

It has been a great experience learning from Aakash Sir. His friendly way of teaching is quite unique. The way he teaches various DSA concepts from basic to advanced such that no student is left behind. Each and every day you get to learn something new. He has been a great mentor and has always guided us for the interviews as well. He always motivates us to give our best and be our best. Its because of teachers like him that students reach heights of success. Thankyou Sir for the constant support and guidance.


Innoskrit has a unique way of teaching and it helps each and every student no matter at which level they are. Innoskrit has helped me build my confidence in Data Structures and Algorithms. Special thanks to Aakash Sir he has guided and supported me throughout my various interview processes. He helped me get over rejections as well as cherish my successes. His teaching style has made a mark on my memory and whenever I try to solve questions related to the topics he has taught I easily recall all the approaches. Coding has always been my passion and finding a teacher like Aakash Sir fueled that passion even more.

Devanshu Garg

Training with Innoskrit doesn’t only educate you but it brings in a diverse change in your personality, in the way you think. No matter how much experience you have in Data Structures and Algorithms, you will get to learn something new. You will get to know you are too close to achieving your goals and that nothing can stop you from achieving them. The best gift given to me by Innoskrit is immense confidence that makes me feel, “I can, and I will”. It makes you believe that this isn’t the end rather it is the start and a student has a long way to go. Special shout out to Aakash Sir for his great teaching style, way of discussing a topic in detail, and the kind of hard work he does in making understand the topic easily. I appeared for many interviews and cracked almost all of them, the thing which remained common in all was the technique of solving the problems taught by sir. ​ Thank you, Sir! I am grateful and blessed that we have Innoskrit Team guiding and helping us in achieving our dreams.

Aaditya Upadhyay

A heartfelt "Thank you" to Aakash Sir for his unwavering support, guidance, and invaluable life lessons. Before meeting you, I never imagined that one person could be a teacher, a supporter, a mentor, and a philosopher all at the same time! Aakash Sir is one of the best DSA teachers I've ever met. His enthusiasm for his job and the way he teaches are admirable! Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for being such a supportive teacher, especially for your unwavering faith in me and for assisting me in realizing my full potential! I know you've always had high expectations for me, possibly because you saw my potential even when I didn't. You expected me to succeed, which motivated me to keep trying until I did succeed. Thank you, Aakash Sir, for being such a wonderful teacher.

Sabahat Noor Khan

Aakash sir is not only a great teacher but a great friend as well. He has been playing an important role throughout my learning journey. Despite being a Civil Engineer, he helped me patiently from basic to advance, be it programming fundamentals, be it DSA, be it problem-solving, or any other topic. Sometimes I wonder how can he know so much. The most important thing is he keeps motivating me and showing me the right path. Thank you, Aakash sir for helping me and motivating me.

Ayushi Singh

Aakash Sir has a very unique way of teaching and connecting with the students that literally makes everyone feel like it is not a teacher who is teaching but a close friend. He has helped me a lot in improving my problem-solving skills and all the success achieved by me wouldn't have been possible without his help. He gave us the belief that anything is possible and I carry on that belief with me in every sphere of life.

Tanishq Singh

Whether you're a newbie or have some experience in coding, Aakash Sir has something for everyone. His crisp and clear teaching style will interest you more about the topic. He connects to the students so that they can explore their abilities and work on that, which is really required in the domain of problem-solving. He's a teacher, friend, and motivator to me. If you're looking for getting upskilled in problem-solving, I genuinely recommend Aakash Sir 🙂

Anurag Mishra

Aakash Sir is more like a buddy than a teacher. Our training started 9 months back, when I took his first lecture in the auditorium it was a wonderful 3 hours of learning and laughter. And learning becomes way easier when someone like Aakash sir is backing you up. His style of teaching is phenomenal, apart from DSA and SQL he use to give us life and money lessons. He has encouraged all of us to dig deeper into ourselves and come up with flying colors. His impact on my life is everlasting and blessed to have a mentor like him. I hope everyone should have a mentor like him so that their career boat sails well into the ocean.

Mitali Bhalla

Aakash sir has been through my thick and thin in the journey of achieving this step of success in my life. I have been very fortunate enough to have been guided by him. Before every interview I have faced, I always reached out to him for direction as to what to prepare, and whatever he told, was always there in the interview, such is his experience! Aakash sir has not only been a teacher to me, he has been my mentor and a friend who always encouraged and brought the best out of me. Thank you Aakash sir and Innoskrit for being catalysts in my path to be an achiever!

Aanchal Tiwari

I am grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from the best teacher anyone could have asked for. I still remember Aakash sir's first class, when he told everyone to treat him like a big brother and friend. That, I believe, differs him from others, as each student regards him not only as a teacher but also as a mentor, confidant, and friend. He is one of the best in the field of DSA training, and his enthusiasm for teaching and commitment to his students shines through in everything he does. He always encourages and instils in his students the belief that "All Our Dreams Can Come True if We Have the Courage to Pursue Them." And that's what kept me on track and ended up getting me to where I'm at. Thank you, Aakash Sir! for always inspiring and showing me the right path. Your guidance and advice always helped me to become a better student! Your lessons will always be remembered fondly by me for life. And I hope you know the priceless impact you are making in so many lives.

Prateek Bajpai

Aakash sir is not only the most amazing coding teacher, but also a life coach! He helped me cope up with a massive rejection and celebrated with me in all my upcoming successes. He made us aware with the recruitment process of the tech giants and gave us the most valuable tips on how to crack them. He is one of the finest in the field of DSA training. I remember that once I had an interview with a huge company and I came to Aakash sir and asked him what to study to which he gave me some important problems and to my surprise, a problem was asked in the interview from that same set of problems - he truly is a genius! All along the way he helped me wherever I got stuck and made me reach where I am today.

Sameeksha Agarwal

The best thing about Aakash sir is that he comes down to the student's level and then teaches them. His explanation of every topic on his youtube channel is also the best explanation I've seen. He not only teaches problem-solving but also guides on how to deal with the interviewer depending on which company's interview you are giving. He is truly like Jeetu Bhaiya from Kota Factory with whom you can freely ask and talk about anything. It is a blessing to have a mentor like Aakash sir.

Himanjli Jain

The product-based training Aakash Sir took was the only thing lacking so that we can move on our right paths. Competitive Coding is such an important aspect if we want to move forward in the CS/IT domain. It's like, Sir filled the last piece of the puzzle. I knew Data Structures, but never really used them effectively to optimize my code.

Mayank Gupta

It was a great experience to learn from a person like Aakash sir. He is very dedicated and always there to solve doubts. He has a unique way of teaching which makes even hard problems easy to understand. He made us aware of the interview process of tech giants. He not only tells us how to solve problems in an interview but also guides us on how to communicate well in the interview. His guidance helped me a lot in clearing interviews with companies like Amazon and Cognizant. Thanks for your guidance, Sir.

Bhumika Sharma

Life becomes very easy if you will meet Aakash sir. An honest and absolutely amazing advisor and mentor. I tried to learn DSA from various platforms but when it comes to implementing I was not able to do that. Then I started from scratch by watching videos on the Innoskrit youtube channel and I got to know where I was lagging, the videos helped me a lot from zero to advance. Thank you sir for such guidance and support.

Shreyansh Shukla

When a student becomes a teacher it is best. Whatever time I spent under Aakash sir proved to be very much fruitful. He gave us the idea of how things would be and what challenges we would face.

Tanya Srivastava

Aakash sir is a very innovative teacher. He doesn't just teach you to code but also helps you to deal & communicate well with the interviewer in an interview. He has a unique way of teaching that helps you to solve questions you might not have addressed before because he clears the concepts and basics. He connected all the problems making it extremely easy to understand and also increasing problem-solving ability. I thank you for all the help in my placements.

Garima Pant

Learning with Innoskrit has always been great, and along with Aakash sir who is always ready to help at any point in time, learning DSA became smooth. I started from scratch and watched Innoskrit videos due to which I got my hands on programming in java. There are many platforms on which DSA learning is available but Innoskrit is unique in its own way. Thank you Aakash sir for your constant guidance and support.

Vanshika Sachan

The training Aakash Verma sir gave us was very well structured. It focused on the key aspects of developing the right skills for competitive coding that are required to crack exams by IT companies. Not just that, it helped me get through my interview process as well because he taught me the root elements of competitive coding and how exactly I must use my knowledge of data structures and algorithms. It helped me to be able to write optimized codes in my interviews and explain the thought process behind them. I wasn't sure how to go about with competitive coding before Aakash sir's training but now all of it is crystal clear to me.

Md. Khalid Zaheer

"A great trainer is half work done." Aakash sir used some unique ways of teaching and that made all the difference. He told us to develop logic, code it, optimize it, and then again optimize it. I remember attending his first-class thinking he is yet another trainer with a boring way of teaching, but I was amazed how well he structured the whole course. He gives ample amount of time on topics that are relevant for the core understanding of coding. During lectures, he often asks interview questions randomly that made us aware and every time we made a program we questioned ourselves of the same questions. How can I optimize? What are the other ways to approach this problem? He was always there for solving my queries and I wish I attended his lectures in my early engineering years.

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